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1. Symbol of the ancient period :- The seal has in the back ground, the Himalayas with rivers flowing down from it along with a scene of forest.

2. Upanisadic spiritual Symbol :- There is a big pipala tree with dense foliage full of birds. At the top there are two birds one with a fruit in its beak and the other is  only watching the first bird. Thus, the two birds represent Jivatma and the parmatma respectively, as it is given in the Upanisad with a very vividh description.

3. Eveness representing Seventh and Eighth Centuries :- Below there are many birds chatting among themselves the philosophical problem of "Swatah Pramanam Partah pramanam", meaning whether right knowledge is self-valid and it requires another proof to prove its validity. This is a very old topic of Mimansa and also of other school of Indian Philosophy. It has been mentioned in our recognised texts, that when Shankaracharya enquired from Kumaril Bhatta, the great Mimansa scholar, and other about the home of Mandana Mishra, another great scholar of Mimansa, he was told in reply that the  home of Mandana Mishra was is that place where birds were discussing the problem of the self-validity or otherwise of the means of right cognition. This represent the period of 7th and the 8th century.

4. Explanation of the Vedic inscription and its implications :- Below there is a palmleaf with an inscription from the Yajurveda which means O vrihaspate. (God of learnings), O Savitah, (God of creation and protection of the vedas) , convey the Truth to him . This line may he interpreted in so many ways implying all the aspects of learning.

          The below there is a lute. Below that there is a fully blossomed lotus. This Whole indicates that the Goddess of learning Saraswati is sitting, though invisible, on that lotus with a lute in her lap teaching and addressing the God of learning and the Sun to teach the truth to all those who are present in this University.

5. Symbol of water and fish :- Below the lotus, there is water representing the Indian Ocean in the South where the lotus flower is floating with the goddess of learning sitting of it. This suggests an idea that this is a University where students and Scholars of India from the Himalayas down to the cape camorin, Indian Ocean, come to study. The Ocean further Indicates that the learning of this University is being carried out even far beyond this  country through the watery waves.

          The fish indicate the existence of water and at the same time living fish are considered in India to indicate auspicious start.

          This also indicates that Just as during the reign of the seventh Manu in the prehistoric days when the entire earth including vedic learning had become corrupt and was swept away by a flood, God appeared in the form of a Fish and saved all and revived the vedic learning So this University also will save the entire world of sanskrit learning, which has become so deteriorated and deplorable and will bring the revival of vedic learning.

          Thus, this seal of the University which has been approved by the chacellor contains symbols representing various periods of Indian culture and combines within itself a synthesis of learning amongst the scholars between the Himalayas in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south.

          This is in brief the ideas indicated in the seal which may be interpreted in other ways also.