NAAC Accredited with CGPA of 2.70 at ‘B’ Grade

List of Courses offered in the University (on Campus):



Particulars UG Department PG Department Research (Ph D and D Lit)
Arts Siksha Shastra (B Ed) Vyakarana Vyakarana
UG -15 Fine Art ** Sahitya Sahitya
PG- 07 Music ** Veda Veda
Research- 07 Painting** Jyotish Jyotish
Mithila Lok kala** Dharmashastra Dharmashastra
Photogrphy** Darshan Darshan
Saral Art and Craft ** Fine Art and Music** Ayurveda
Vocal **    
Tabla **    
Sitar **    
Vocal Music**    
Tabla and Pakhavaj**    
Sculpture **    
Professional Art **    
Focal Music**    
** Re-approval Awaited by the Chancellor of Universities.

List of Programmes offered in the University (on Campus): 

1.       Under Graduate  Programme:  Shastry (Fine Art and Music),  Siksha Shastra (B Ed)

2.      Post Graduate Programme:  Acharya (Vyakarana), Acharya (Sahitya), Acharya(Veda) Acharya (Jyotish), Acharya(Darshan), Acharya(Dharmashasta), Acharya(Fine Art and Music) **     

3.       Research Programme ( Ph D and D Lit): Ph.D in Vyakarana , Sahitya, Veda, Ganit and Phalit  Jyotish,  Darshan, Dharmashasta, Ayurveda

4.      Any other:-      Professional Course (Certificate in Computer Application  (CCA)-->New Program        



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